After the controversy queen Meera ruined the upbeat show yesterday and upset the audience just as much as Nadia Khan herself,  The Nadia Khan Show returns to screens today with the same fervour, a bubbly Nadia  Khan gracing our screens with the charming and graceful Adnan Siddique.

Nadia Khan returned to our screens after 4 long years and immediately raised the morning show game for GEO Tv, bringing back the much-needed energy, owed to her dynamic personality!

Nadia started the show on a positive note, stating that it is difficult for her to stay upset for a long time!

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She was grateful for the support she received from her fans and viewers and was deeply touched!

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The handsome Adnan Siddique is on the sets of NKS as a guest today and has an interesting conversation with Nadia Khan. He talks about his career and informs that he’ll soon be seen in movies. He believes actors are getting desperate to get movies now!

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To give the show an entertaining turn, a rapid fire round with Adnan Siddique was conducted which was just as fun and frolicking as expected.

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Nadia mocks Meera jee, calls her ‘The Wolverine’! Meera’s video and how she attacked one of the producers yesterday appeared on the screens during the show and different celebrities like Bunty and Mani called, commenting how Meera needs professional help! We all knew that didn’t we?

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The answers to the fun rapid fire round with Adnan Siddique are listed below;

Best actor: Faysal Quraishi

Funny: AIjaz Aslam

Attitude: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Addayen: Meera

Dil Phenk: Humayun Saeed

Friend: Nawab Aalam

Attention Seeker: Sahir Lodhi

Hero: Fawad Khan

Heroine: Nadia Khan

Over- rated actor: Adnan Siddique

Artist to be in Bollywood: Noman Ijaz, Faisal Rehman

Adnan says Nadia Khan is the top herione nowadays! Is that true?

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