Even though My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is released almost fourteen years after the first the part, it has garnered mixed reviews. It appears to have done quite spectacularly at the Box Office, earning $18 million in North America alone and $8 million worldwide on the weekend it released, pushing the much anticipated Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice  to the back.

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The Nia Vardalos movie has the same central theme as that of it’s predecessor – however, it’s bigger, louder and a tad bit more nonsensical than before. Most of the fans largely watched it due to the nostalgia attached to it’s 2002 prequel that had quite a huge fan following. I personally loved the prequel ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’.


For this instalment, the entire cast returns! Those who played Nia Vardalos’ loud and clingy Greek parents, aunts and brothers in every traditional sense of the word. However, the dialogues appear to be thrown together haphazardly and repeatedly.

The addition of Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) teenage daughter Paris played by Elena Kampouris is the only refreshing character that does not go overboard with extreme silliness.

Her traditional and interfering extended family is fretting over her to get married at the young age of seventeen while she only wants to study and go to college later. This tug-of-war between the family leads to further developments in the movie.

Watch the official trailer below:

It is what you’d expect of a loving family drama! This movie works for those looking forward to a good laugh with family and a few memorable moments sprinkled here and there.

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