The all-time favorite actor and much-loved gangster of the film Munna Bhai is back with his Jaddu ki Jhappi. Sanjay Dutt, along with the director Rajkumar Hirani is all set for the making of the third installment of Munna Bhai.

Sanjay’s visit at Rajkumar Hirani’s place on Sunday night was not just a casual visit, but yet there was more to it. Not only Sanjay was invited to the dinner, but the sweetheart comedian Arshad Warsi was also a part of the event.

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According to the Hindustan Times, Rajkumar Hirani is inclined to release Munna Bhai 3 soon.

“I have a couple of ideas, so I am writing two more scripts besides Sanju’s biopic. While one is a Munna Bhai film, there’s also another new story,” he added.

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Rumor has it, this time Munna Bhai and Circuit will be heading off to the US for their journey in the film. Yet, there is no such confirmation made regarding the news.

The director also disclosed that he has planned something good for Sanjay’s cameo in his upcoming biopic and the concept would take some time to be penned down for final execution.

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