Ever needed help selecting the right pair of jeans? Remember the days when one style was available for everybody. You either stuff yourself in one or find something else to wear. Fortunately for us, those days are a thing of the past. Now we realise that every person is different. We come in different shapes and sizes. For fashion brands to recognise and incorporate this into their products is nothing short of an achievement.

What Fashion Labels are doing

Now fashion labels have all kinds of clothes to fit all body types. And while this is good news, it becomes a little challenging when you go to buy something. How do you know which outfit is complimenting your curves? Which pair of jeans makes you look leaner, which one should you avoid? These questions can be a little overwhelming but worry not. There’s help.

We as customers aren’t aware of the latest innovations in fashion. We tend to go for a tried and tested item. If we were lucky enough to find a great pair of jeans, chances are we will still choose something similar years later, even if there are better options available. Educating customers, therefore, is crucial.

Fashion brands are now making ‘how to’ videos that give specific instructions on what a perfect pair of pants should feel like. They want you to understand your body better. Get an idea of your shape and measurements. You can also find style guides at their outlets and websites along with having experienced personnel at stores. A great deal of effort goes into creating the right pair of jeans, so brands really want you to find it.

Exclusive Interview with CEO iTextiles

Brandsynario recently had a chance to sit with the CEO of iTextiles, Mr. Mujeebullah Khan. iTextiles is a value chain management company dealing with various textile brands such as Lycra® Coolmax® etc. Talking to him, we got a deeper understanding of how the textile industry functions.

Textile can be divided into four key categories Comfort, Durability, Protection and Sustainability

iTextiles is a complete solution company, which means, they are involved with industries at every step of the value chain. From finding the right fiber or Chemical solution to creating a demand for their finished products, the organization takes care of it all.

Pakistan has a sizable production of denim fabrics. Denim is one of the hottest trends in fashion today and Lycra® brand spandex fiber with its innovations enhances both the comfort and fit of jeans.  A little while ago, a typical pair of jeans was very heavy, rigid and uncomfortable. You couldn’t wear it for long periods of time and it limited your movement. Nowadays, it is very flexible, allows greater movement and you can even sleep in it.

Lycra® brand fiber being unique with its stretch and recovery properties is very much in demand. Understanding the need the company provides these fibers to all leading industries. Once the product is ready, they also train customers to create a proper market for the product.

Challenges faced by Textile Industry in Pakistan

There was a time when the textile industry of Pakistan was one of the most successful business models in the country and abroad. Now, however, there has been a decline in its growth due to a lack in providing value addition, according to Mr. Khan. Another challenge faced by the textile industry is the unstable political condition in Pakistan. International investors are hesitant to invest in the country mainly because they are unable to visit. Therefore they manage to have little or no control over their business.

Helping the environment

iTextiles takes helping the environment seriously. The company has ventured into biodegradable and sustainable raw materials. In today’s world where every little thing to protect the environment counts, this is a huge step. These products are biodegradable nature and from a sustainable source. Their usage in the textile industry is proving to be extremely beneficial.

Future of iTextiles

In future, iTextiles plans on expanding their services to the fashion industry, lawn in particular. They plan on providing odorfree , long lasting fabric that makes lawn outfits more durable. This is known as fresh textiles and is perfect for hot humid weather of Pakistan. It does not add too much to the cost and is a simple solution. Just treating the material will allow it to remain fresh for longer, being odor free thereby increasing its wearability.

The company has a heavy presence overseas and works with international brands also.