Mozilla, a not for profit company known mostly for its browser, Mozilla Firefox, has recently launched a low priced smartphone that is one of the cheapest smartphones priced at USD 25 only.

The company announced yesterday at Mobile World Congress, that it is forming a partnership with a Shanghai based company, Spreadtrum in order to develop low cost smartphones that will have Firefox powered OS.

Spreadtrum announced WCDMA and EDGE based technology designs for the Firefox OS along with industry’s first chipset of $25, by the name of SC6821.

The Operating System is not a direct competitor of Apple’s iOS or Google’s Andriod based Operating Systems as it is targeted more towards the low end market segment, more commonly popular in the developing countries for its low cost.

Thus, it is not advisable to throw away your IPhone’s or S4’s.

VP of Mobility Research commented, “In six short months, Firefox OS has more than established itself in the very markets it aimed to address.”

There are 15 different markets in which Firefox OS enabled phones are available. The mainly targeted markets for the Firefox OS are Latin America and Eastern Europe, while the company plans to make an entry in the new markets of Asia and Africa as well, with its new low cost smart phone.

Mozilla representative was found commenting“We focused on this low-end market,” 

The representative further added, “But then many manufacturers got interested in using Firefox OS for other applications as well.”

Mozilla, being a not for profit organization offers open source softwares, which can be used by any customized app as per the developers’ requirement.