most cyber bullied Pakistani personality

Considering the intense political situation of Pakistan in 2018 with former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s arrest and General Elections of 2018, the social media was filled with heated debates.

Consequently, politicians are always in the line of fire and receive severe backlash by their haters.

According to Samaa, a survey has reported PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz Sharif as the most bullied personality on social media in 2018.

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The daughter of Nawaz Sharif who was also arrested along with her father last July and became the victim of online harassment during the General Elections of 2018.

Samaa reports that the list also includes Ayesha Gulalai, a former member of PTI, who faced backlash after she accused Imran Khan of harassment.

Nighat Dad of Digital Rights Foundation stated that when women share their opinions on social media, their arguments become ugly and intensify the situation even more.

The survey also reports that 49% comments on social media posts by female politicians are based on political vengeance, 25% is based on gender, 23% people use offensive words. Whereas, the remaining 3% comments are targeted towards their family lineage and also, threats. These harsh comments are because of the political indifference and are not usually a personal attack.

PML-N’s representative, Uzma Bukhari discussed how their social media feeds are filled with negative comments after they attend some News talk show.

According to the cybercrime bill passed in 2016, sexual harassment can lead to 2-7 years of jail but it was said that female politicians are not willing to report their concerns.

Talking about the harassment, PTI’s Sadia Sohail thinks that there is a need to reform the laws regarding this issue and she is hopeful that the current government will take a positive stand.

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Where social media provides a platform for people to communicate with famous personalities, it also allows them to voice out their unfiltered critical opinions that turn into cyber-bullying.

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