This 14th August, Pakistan’s cinema will raise the curtains for a riveting tale of lost love, deceit and defeat in Jami’s much-awaited release “Moor”.

Centered around the  corruption that grabbed Balochistan’s railway system, particularly the Zhob valley railways in 1984, the movie narrates a heartbreaking story of an ill-fated Pakistani family whose lives get tangled in the tragedy. Moor is ready to captivate the audience with a stellar cast featuring Shaz Khan, Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Abdul Qadir, Shabbir Rana, Ayaz Samoo, Soniya Hussain and I.R. Omar.

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Let’s take you behind closed curtains and unveil some secrets and stories about the cast, crew and location of Moor we bet you are not aware of!

1) The handsome hunk, Shaz Khan’s sneak peak in the trailer was no less than an eye-candy for many. A desi banker in New York, Khan sports a prominent American accent.  You will be surprised to know how fluent he is in Urdu! Also, for his hot-blooded Pashtun avatar in the story, he mastered the Pashto language from his own driver to do justice to the role.

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2) The crew of Moor is out an out “Chai-holic”.  While shooting in Karachi,  the members used to hang out after work at the Clifton’s Quetta Darbar Dhaba. It was during one of those cozy tea sittings at the Pathan hotel that they found the child actor, Zainullah. After his audition, Zain bagged the role of Dilawer in the tale and became a member of the Moor family.

3) Moor will take us on an enthralling tour of the living monument – the snow-clad Sheila Bagh. Used in the times of the British Raj, the historical army establishment still stands tall and is claimed as a marvel of the British engineering skills and commitment. According to many legends, the monument is named after a dancer who used to enchant the workers with her enticing waltz at night.

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4) With the temperature dropping as low as 30 degrees in Sheila Bagh, the young kids  in the movie, Hanan and Aman filmed their scenes in alarming cold, wearing just the basic pukhtoon dress and their feet bared with no chappals (shoes).

5) We have seen the cute and bubbly Sonia Hussain in Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain, Dareecha Marasim and Shikwa. All set to make her cinematic debut in Lollywood, Hussain will be seen as a rebel in the role of Amber in the movie Moor. Along with Sonia,  the cast also includes, I.R Omar, who too will be making his first silver screen appearance after his theatrical performance in Anwar Maqsood’s “Pawney 14 August”!

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6) While he previously marked his silver screen debut in Operation 021, Ayaz Samoo aka Sajjid Billa is back in the movies with his role as Imtisal in Moor. We wonder what Samoo, who claims to have comedy flowing in his veins, has to do in a grim, corruption-exposing film like Moor. Apparently he has ditched his slapstick humor for once to don a villainous avatar for the first time ever! Let’s see if his fans like his serious transformation or still prefer his funny side.

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7) Actor Abdul Qadir is amongst the most revered actors, hailing from Quetta. Despite owning Pakistan’s most coveted accolade “The Pride of Performance,” the legend remains humble and modest. When Jami offered him the role of Bagoo Baba,  he straight-out refused to accept. Instead, Qadir insisted that he will claim the role solely only after winning it fairly via audition like the rest.

8) We have seen the senior star Shabbir Rana working his magic in countless Pakistani dramas. Dedicated to his work, he ignored his declining health to complete the movie. While suffering adverse heart conditions, he worked tirelessly as per the shooting schedule in the harsh weather.

9) Previously, Hameed Sheikh featured in the hit Khuda Kay Liye and then later in Operation 021. In Moor, he plays the role of a Pathan patriarch Wahidullah Khan. He spent four months to research on his avatar to ensure he leaves no stone unturned while donning the challenging character. What’s more, the actor who likes to stay fit, even gained weight to look older and authoritative.

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10) After endless months of being away from Karachi, deprived of scrumptious cuisines and shootings with excruciating schedules in the icy-cold weather, the home-sick team of Moor missed only one thing all time along- a hot cheesy bite of mouth-watering Pizza!

Will you be watching Moor this Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below.