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The Internet has completely lost its chill now that Momina Mustehsan has declared herself engaged! Hopes are crushed and hearts are broken as Coke studio 9’s  singing sensation is no more single.

Yesterday, pictures of the private engagement ceremony of Momina Mustehsan and her fiance, Ali Naqvi were making rounds on social media. Now, many of her most devoted fans are devasted!  They have created a havoc with funny memes to share their thoughts on the couple’s pending nuptials.


Of course, the news came out is shocking! But the hilarious reactions that came out were even more mind-boggling.

Momina Mustehsan is Engaged & Fans Are Going Crazy!

Check them out and laugh out loud!

1) Kacchiyaan te Rakkhiye na umeed paar di!

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2) Apparently, Momina Mustehsan just pulled an Imran Khan!

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3) Moved on over Momina Mustehsan so soon? We don’t think so!

4) He came, he saw, he conquered!

#mominamustehsan Engaged @fazal_siddiquii tumhara tou ❤️hi 💔 hoga 😝

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5) Check out Momina Bhabhi- Aamir Liaquat Styleeeeee!

6) Ali Naqvi 1, Daniyal Zafar 0

7) She is only gonna break, break, break your heart!

Guys , tension na lo 😂😂😂😂💔 #mominamustehsan #engagment #alinaqvi #khank12

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8) Cause Biryani is a cure to all Blues!

Keep calm and have biryani guys😂😂😂😂😂😂Relax guys #MominaMustehsan

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9) Heart attacks and suicide attempts reported!

10) We bet you will be forever alone!

11) Seems like someone is happy!

12) Pakistani girls can now live in peace!

13) Almost Dead!

14) Seems like its war for this baddie!

14 Funniest Momina Mustehsan Coke Studio Memes That Broke The Internet!

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