Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider has been under the fire since his former wife accused him of domestic violence and infidelity.

The Na Maloom Afraad actor caused abuzz on social media with his ongoing dispute with former wife Fatema Sohail.


Fatema Sohail filed a petition in court demanding monthly expenses from the former husband, Mohsin Abbas.

The petition stated that ‘after getting fed up with the violence of the ex-husband I took divorce from the court cannot bear the monthly expenses of the child alone, so the court may order the ex-husband to pay the monthly expenses.”

The actor has now refused to provide childcare for his son.

“I was previously paying for the expenses of Fatema and my son,” he said. “But I can’t pay for them anymore because I don’t have a job or money,” and that he was going through a financial crisis.

Fatima Sohail and actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider have wedded some time ago but then they began to have difficulties while Fatima Sohail gave birth to their son in Lahore on May 20, 2019.

On July 20, 2019, Fatima Sohail shared her images on social media, where the signs of torture on the face were obvious, alleging that her husband Mohsin Abbas proceeded to torment her even when she was expecting.

Mohsin was a co-host of Dunya TV’s Mazakaraat and was fired after his wife accused him of beating her up. She filed a case against him, announcing he was endangering her life and had embezzled her family.

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