UPDATE: Apparently, Pakistani supermodel Ayyan is not pregnant after all! The model’s medical report claims that she is not expecting a child.

The report has been made by the senior Gynecologist at the District Headquarters Hospital, Rawalpindi.



Recently, Mubasher Lucman, political talk-show host and analyst tweeted some extremely shocking news regarding the currently jailed supermodel Ayyan Ali. He has stated that this beautiful celebrity is 5-months pregnant. Take a look at the tweets:

The supermodel has been under arrest for quite a while now due to a money laundering case, and her future remains uncertain and on shaky grounds. If the news that is being publicized by Mr. Lucman is true, then this lady is headed for even more severe trouble.

What exactly are Mr. Lucman’s sources? God Knows! However, Ayyan’s case has been remanded by the High Court till 29th June. This is the 13th time her case has been extended.

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Ayyan Ali was arrested back on March 14, 2015, from Benazir Bhutto International Airport for carrying USD 500,000 to Dubai.  She was sent on judicial remand for the twelfth time on June 1 as the complete charge sheet had been filed.

For further updates on the case, stay tuned with us.