Mobile App that Improves Eyesight - UltimEyes

Imagine an application that would not only hamper your eyesight but help improve it; an app that can flex your eye muscle that would help them in performing everyday tasks and an increased ability to watch in dim light.

The app is created by a group of neuroscientists from the University of California. The officials claim that UltimEyes can improve user eyesight drastically.

The app asks its users to only complete a simple task list, which includes ‘clicking on hard-to-see targets’. These tasks are designed to help rewire the brain basic nationality, by processing the information that it gets from the eyes — this technique is known as neuroplasticity in medical terminology.

One of the developers, ‘Seitz’ previously tested the app’s effectiveness on 19 UCR baseball players. From the experiment, each athlete was made to use ‘UltimEyes’ a whole thirty times for 25 minute intervals, this resulted in an average 31% increase in eyesight.


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