Update: Nothing feels better than holding your child against your chest knowing that they are safe and sound in your arms.

Thankfully, the parents of 7-year old Zarnish Naveed can now go to sleep in peace as their darling returns home.

How Zarnish came back is still a mystery, but on the other hand, the heart feels a sigh of relief knowing that she is with her family and is unharmed.

Zarnish’s uncle, Umar Hamid posted on Facebook thanking everyone who helped the family in their time of need.

While we are happy to have Zarnish back home, there is still a thought in the back of our minds that not every child is as lucky as her. There are several children who have currently been misplaced from home, either abducted or missing and parents are unaware of their location.

We can only hope and pray that these kids return home unharmed and untouched to their parents and have a sense of security knowing that they are safe within their homes.

In order to prevent such a state of affair to happen in the future, parents should consider approaching their respective societies and have proper CCTV cameras installed, hire security guards for at least every street within the colony, have a police mobile do a round of checking at least 1-2 times during a week.

Stay safe!

A recent picture of a beautiful baby girl has been flooding your news feed over social media, the 7-year-old, Zarnish Naveed has been missing after a kidnapping incident took place in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

It sends chills down our spine thinking about the distraught parents and family members of the child. Zarnish was abducted on Thursday, 27th of July from Rawalpindi by two unidentified men on a motorcycle in the vicinity of her house at 10 in the night.

According to TNS, the child’s parents followed the abductors but were not able to catch up to them.

Photographs of Zarnish have been seen circulating on social media and all efforts are being taken to locate her ASAP!

The news has now become a viral story and caught the attention of Pakistani celebrities. Mawra Hocane, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and others have sent prayers and shared the post to create further awareness about the incident.

Celebrities Come Forward to Help Find Zarnish!

If anyone has any information regarding Zarnish please contact on the following numbers.

Father’s name: Ahmed Naveed
Contact number: 0333-5060342, 0321-5178372

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