Female celebrities are not known for starring in Liquor Advertisements, hence the reason why Mila Kunis is making news globally. The Hollywood diva, with Soviet genes, is the star feature in the latest Jim Beams TV commercial.


Reports are, that the Mila Kunis featured campaign is the most expensive in their 219 year old corporate history. The tempting Ukrainian born Hollywood actress, starred her career at age of 15 but she rose to fame with ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and later substantiated her abilities with performances like the one in ‘Black Swan’,’ Friends with Benefits’ and Voice for Meg Griffin on ‘Family Guy’.

The campaign is named, ‘Make History’ on account of it showcasing the brands’ moments of its long history. It dates back to the members of the Union along with the Confederates, showing up on every successive night and how they all filled up during the Civil War, which in turn (according to the ad) encouraged the millennial to make history for them.

Watch Mila Kunis Starrer Commercial for Jim Beams:

The campaign also acts as a landmark for Kunis, since it’s her first brand endorsement in the US which also happens to be a Global Campaign. As it turns out putting up a familiar, sensuous, female Hollywood face to promote brand is actually not a bad idea after all. In fact, statistically:

– 30% of consistent drinkers are females.

– Amongst those 30%, as much as 10 percent are drinkers for more than 5 years in the past.

– Flavored bourbon, which continues to grow, is consumed evenly across women and men.

(Stat courtesy: Ad Age notes)