By Zoya Anwer

One of the pressing questions for all of us is to know number of calories present in our food. 

For all those diet conscious people, an appropriate invention is just around the corner: a microwave that would count the calories of the food it warms just at the touch of one button! 

When asked about a gift, the General Electric Research Centre scientist, Matt Webster’s wife asked for a device that would be a calorie counter for anything she eats without any hassle.

The ingenious scientist put this fact into use in a way that such that when warming the edible, the waves pass through fat and water separately to estimate the calories, the amount of fat, water and weight.  

This information can be further extended to get more accurate results. The method has given correct results for over 40-50 experiments with an exception of just 5% to 10%.

After the food is placed, the user will be able to press the button for the calculation to begin.

Hopefully, this gadget will hit the markets soon and many would actually know what they are eating after all.