MG ZS EV as locally produced mass vehicle
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MG has been one of the fastest rising car brands in Pakistan. Their vehicles deliver quality without compromise. Not to mention the loss they must have faced when the MG loaded truck toppled. This shows that they are working tirelessly despite the obstacles they face. In recent news, we have just found out something about the MG ZS vehicles.

The electric variant of the MG ZS has gotten quite popular recently. It is referred to as the MG ZS EV. The final letters state that this is an electric vehicle. This means that the vehicle has functionality quite beyond combustion engines. However, until now, the vehicle wasn’t heard of, from Pakistan. Now, it seems that it might be seen on the roads sooner than expected.

MG ZS EV coming to Pakistan on local
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MG ZS EV Incoming

From reports and a post by Javed Afridi, the production of this vehicle has started. In a recent tweet, he showed the vehicle moving off the assembly line. This points towards the production of this vehicle on a local level. However, that is not the only thing to note here. The MG ZS EV is, allegedly, being produced on a mass scale. We don’t have to worry about the vehicle running out of stock. This is because the number of them being produced is quite high.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for electric vehicles in Pakistan. We have quite a distance to cover when it comes to the electric era but we are progressing. The MG ZS EV might just be one of the greatest things to happen to our vehicle industry. Not only is the production local, but it is also the first for electric cars. MG ZS EV is the first vehicle to be locally mass-produced!

MG ZS EV in pakistan on local level
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Moving Up In Automobiles

The specifications on this vehicle are quite impressive. The motor is mounted on the front axle and it produces about 140hp. Additionally, the whole setup is powered by a 44.5kWh, which gives it quite a lot of room for running. You can easily dish out a whole lot of kilometres before your car runs out of charge. The age is new and the stations are less but it’s possible to run the car for quite a distance.

If we talk about the price of the vehicle, then you may be taken aback a bit. The MG ZS EV is expected to be sold for about Rs.6.85 million. Yes, the price number is staggering but the vehicle does not have a combustion engine either. The price gap between the EV version and the petrol one is Rs.2.7 million. Since this is a hefty investment, it will take a lot of thinking before a vehicle is bought.

However, we hope that the industry flourishes in Pakistan. If one electric vehicle can appear, many more can too. Maybe we get to see more and more EV brands in Pakistan as the decade progresses.

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