Why must the girls have all the fun? Let’s be honest, when people talk about fashion, they usually have women in mind. From clothes to accessories, women’s fashion is more creative, had more room to play with colors, cuts and prints. On the other hand, men’s fashion is just a handful of items. But not any longer. Men’s winter fashion 2016 has taken a giant leap and the trends surfacing now are pretty darn good.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends for winter in Men’s wear.

Layer up with Shirts

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to your sweatshirts, you can always layer up. A shirt under a sleek and smart jacket is quite in trend for menswear as seen on the ramp at various fashion weeks.


Invest in Copper

Winter fashion is all about the color! This season’s color is copper. You can get jackets, shirts and sweaters in that color and be right on trend!


Sleek and Shiny

Shiny fabric is definitely in style for 2016 winter. While leather remains the top fabric, you can choose other jackets that provide a little sleek and shine as well.




Sleeveless Sweaters

Are you one of those people who don’t feel cold on their arms? The rest of the world wants to know how you do it? And while you’re telling us, look your best this season because sleeveless sweaters are trending!

Zip it up

Winter is just not complete with jerseys and jackets. This winter add jackets and jerseys with zippers to your wardrobe.


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