The new generation of the Rickshaws is here!

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Mellowcabs is an advertising and transportation company, responsible for the evolution of the transport industry in South Africa. Mellowcabs prides in creating the exquisite, electrically operated mini-cabs.

Mellowcabs launched their primary product Mellowcab back in 2012. The Mellowcab is an electric-controlled, mini-cab that is not only efficient and eco-friendly but also requires minimal maintenance. These min-cabs were designed to drive the South African commuters to short distances such as from the stadium to parking lot.

The fact that Mellowcabs are intended to use for short distances only takes its competition down to nil. There are no alternative transport options for such short distances and Mellowcabs do not aim to compete with the public transport system.

The Mellowcabs have advertising spaces on and within the min-cab. This makes it all the more easier for the company to fund the operation of the mini-cabs and keep their fares low. Some of the amazing features of the rickshaw from the future include:

-Mellowcabs are made out of recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate making them a sustainable product

-The mini-cabs not only have rechargeable lead-crystal batteries but can also be charged to an extent using solar power.

The construction of Mellowcabs, with proximity sensors, seat beats, regenerative braking and firm roll cages, ensures 100% road safety according to international standards. 

-The Mellowcabs can drive up to 110 km a day and up to a speed of 112 km/h. 

– Mellowcabs also has technologically advanced features including illuminated body panels, embedded LED lights for advertisements, charging facilities for cell phones and onboard iPad tablet.

See how Mellow works: 

Since these mini-cabs are electrically operated and do not require any sort of fuel burning, they can be the perfect choice of transport for a country like Pakistan. In our country, where the fuel prices are inflating by the day and the public transport system contributing to majority of the noise and air pollution, Mellowcabs seem like a welcome option.

These Mellowcabs can not only help the fares low for those who can’t afford but can also help save us on non-renewable fuel resources.


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