If you are one of the million people who fell in love with Grumpy Cat aka Manhoos Billi cat (despite her grumpiness) then you’re probably going to be head over heels gushy over the new feline sensation – Banye, the Surprise Cat.

An 11 year old British Short hair from China, Banye became an instant hit on social media as soon as his Shanghai-based owner, winnie, posted photos of him on the Pinterest-like site Duitang.

With his wide eyes and a patch of dark fur right beneath his mouth, Banye has an astonished look on his face all the time.

See some of Banye adorable photos here:

Before Banye, Garfi, a Persian cat that resides in Turkey, found social fame as ‘The Angry Cat’ after his owner Hulya Ozkoz posted photos while snatching a mug from him.

Look at Garfi’s menacing expression, we definitely don’t want to be on the wrong side of his books!