McDonalds is considering the option of bringing 3D printers to their kitchens to produce the pocket-sized Happy-Meal Toys which are a major attraction for kids and parents who visit the International fast food-chain.

“I was looking at potential applications of 3Dprinting and one was whether it could be used to produce the toys which are bundled in McDonalds’ Happy Meal,” The burger corporation’s UK IT director, Mark Fabes, said.

Happy Meal is a form of kids’ meal specifically marketed at children, sold at McDonald’s since June 1979, and consists of a meal and a toy.

The toy is typically a main feature of Mc Donald’s Happy Meal.The packaging and toy are frequently part of a marketing tie-in to a popular film, TV show, or toy-line. Often families have had their appetites ruined because of the discontinuity of their kid’s favorite character.

Discovering monster Inc. and minions from their goody bag of Happy Meal has been dream-come-true for many children around the world. However, the proposition is still just a thought, 3D printing technology has untapped implications to it.

For now, the major issue hindering this though would be that whether or not, plastic smelting machines were appropriate for use in food outlets.