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Meet Maleeha Ahmed Kapadia, our new Managing Editor here at Brandsynario and VeryFilmi. She had initially joined Synergy Group Ltd as a director of corporate communications.

After spending eight years in the United States and two years in Lebanon, Maleeha resolved to move back to Pakistan to persevere in her career as a Digital Marketeer. While living in the States, Maleeha discovered that she had a keen interest in the realm of theology and philosophy, which prompted her to pursue her bachelor’s in religion with a minor in sociology from the University of North Texas.

In 2018, she relocated to Lebanon to discover more about the regional culture and have a wholesome, distinctive perspective on life. While residing in Lebanon and watching the country go through various political, economic, and social realignments, Maleeha went ahead and started her masters in global security and cybersecurity at Arizona State University.

“After spending the last ten years independently living in 3 different countries, I had to do odd jobs to understand what the real world looks like. This experience has given me a broader perspective at life; the key is never to give up on your dreams and always pursue what you truly believe in. As my father always says, ‘ lead by example,’ if you don’t like a specific situation, you should be the person who perfectly embodies the change you wish to see. I hope and pray that I can take Brandsynario into a more progressive direction.” – Maleeha Ahmed Kapadia

She believes in taking Brandsynario ahead; while keeping a crucial eye on the increasing digitalization in Pakistan and considering the current COVID-19 situation, it is essential to influence the new trend for Brandsynario. With global publications coming to Pakistan, we are getting a place to have our local digital publications. It allows us to add fresh blood and create good content.

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