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Over the years, we’ve learned that there is no way Twitter can troll Pakistan’s most sought out actress, Mahira Khan. Yet again, we witness the queen shutting down someone trolling her son.

Being vocal about serious issues has certainly made Mahira’s platform important so it is natural that no tweet goes unnoticed. Her recent tweet to the director and producer of Pokémon caught attention.

The tweet said,

Hello,I am Azlan Askari. Me and my friend have made a Pokémon. We have made the design, the name, the type & the evolutions. Can I have an email to contact you? I am a massive fan of Pokémon and it would make my dream come true if you put my Pokémon in the game.

To which an anonymous account replied: Can someone take internet access away from celebrities during quarantine?

To which Mahira replied:

“That’s my son using my twitter. He has spent this whole month making a kick a** Pokémon animation & asked me if he could some way email or msg this man. If only you had bothered reading. Hope you can use your internet for better things”

She added,

“oh also, celebrity and super proud.”

Celebrity or not, nobody’s mom lets anyone troll or bully their child. Mahira surely knows how to respond to trolls while being civilized.

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