The most iconic Pakistani couple, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan, reunited after almost seven years for a bridal photo shoot for an Indian magazine. And we have fallen in love with them all over again.

In their latest photo shoot, the couple recreated their tremendous chemistry once again but this time, their look was raw yet sexy.

This duo has been adored by every Humsafar fan, not only in Pakistan but in India as well.

The starlet can be seen wearing a heavy golden bridal dress with natural makeup while Fawad Khan donned in Shalwar Kameez with simple embroidery.

Have a look at their latest photo shoot!

Too much hotness in a picture! 

We absolutely love the stern look on their faces! 

The dresses are designed by Fawad Khan’s wife, Sadaf Fawad Khan in which she tried to give them a completely different look from anything they have done in the past.

But unexpectedly, the duo was bashed by social media for all the wrong reasons.

Few people compared Fawad Khan with Chai Wala while on the other hand, Mahira was trolled because of her outfit.

Look at what people have to say about them!

It broke our hearts when Fawad Khan was compared to Doodh wala and others! 

And then they were called mental as well! 

Mahira was probably trolled because of her messy hair! 

Her look was raw yet sexy but still, people couldn’t stop trolling her! 

Do they even to fake it? We don’t think so! 

We absolutely miss this duo on TV screens and wish to see them back together.

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