Morning shows in Pakistan have never been short of controversies. From Pakistani celebrities getting married for the second or third time on sets to playing child like games, anything under the sun is absolutely available.

So this time around, Sanam Jung’s morning show held a ‘Maasi No.1’ contest which went on for three whole days! Popular female Pakistani celebrities took part in the show together with their maids. Each contesting for the coveted top spot.

However, this contest on the morning show has created quite a stir, while some have appreciated the unique concept, others have found it derogatory and a form of disrespect for the female helpers.

The celebs posing in such a way does cash on the way people tend to treat the domestic help in their homes!

People bashed the Morning show and host

There were some who asked PEMRA to take some action!

People thought of it as an ‘awful’ idea that should have never taken place!

The winner was Samia Azhar and her maid, who was awarded a cash prize of Rs.50,000. 

Don’t the general public have good enough maids for the show?

Apart from the critics, there were some who thought it provided a platform for the domestic helpers. However, it does make one wonder why it was only celebrities that were invited to take part in this contest and not the general masses.

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