Coming three weeks after the official release of the movie, ban on movie Maalik has left most people speechless. Others however, took to the popular social media website Twitter to voice their opinions. Some were found supporting the movie, calling the ban, a violation of freedom of speech. Then there were many who thought the movie was using cinema to promote ethnic racism.

The Hearing for the movie ban was held and the federal government said  it was not ready yet; it wanted around 15 more days to file their comments. Next hearing date is May 24th.


Actor/Producer of Maalik, Asher Azeem Gill used the website to clarify his position on the movie. 

Seasoned journalist Omar R Qureshi, highlighted the corruption charges against the actor/producer.

The rest of Twitter had its fair share to say about the ban as well.

Omair Alavi, a contributor to various leading dailies in the country, one of the few to watch the movie Maalik said:

“Maalik was better than many of the films that got released in last few years. It’s a work of fiction and should be treated like one. The government isn’t helping the film industry in any manner so it shouldn’t try to damage it by banning films. It shouldn’t have allowed the film to be screened in the first place if it had a problem – 3 weeks is very late to ban a film.”

Here are some of the best reactions found on the social media website.


Maalik Movie Review: Ashir Azeem’s Socio-Action Thriller Is Sure to Hit Home

According to Express Tribune, the following are six major objections that were drafted in the report shared by the CBFC, behind the ban. 

1. The film shows that there is lawlessness in the country and incites the common man to take law in his hands.

2. Portrayal of the law enforcement agencies is generalised and gives the impression that the police of the entire country is incapable and corrupt.

3. An ex-mujahid of the Afghan war who joins forces with the Taliban in the film has been given the respect of a hero or a patriot at his burial.

4. A Pathan girl was shown being raped in the film and there was no need of so categorically defining her ethnicity.

5. People have been given the impression that the political system as a whole is corrupt and incapable, and all the politicians are busy minting money.

6. Voters feel the film is a disgrace to their role in the political system.

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