m irfan height

The Pakistani cricket team might not be doing well on the field, but it is most definitely ruling the search engines!

Google reports that the Pakistani cricket team is currently the most searched for team at the search engine giant. The study, conducted during the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, states, “Despite two humiliating defeats against India and the West Indies, Pakistan team still continues to dominate search influence and continues to remain the top searched team from the tournament.”

What is more surprising is that our arch rivals, Indian fans are also searching about our team players!

“Indian fans searched online for the exact height of Pakistan pacer Mohammad Irfan.”

At 7 feet 10 inches, M. Irfan may very well be the tallest player to play first-class and international cricket!

Fans all over the world are searching for physical traits of James Taylor, English batsman. As the player made his appearance at the World Cup 2015 ground, the search for ‘How tall is James Taylor’ sustained a spike 40 times higher than ever.

Chris Gayle seems to have attracted the attention of fans globally. However, it’s not his astounding cricket performance or his athletic traits or even his physical characteristics; it’s his dance moves that have attracted the attention! The query ‘Chris Gayle Dance’ is one of the most searched phrases by South Asian fans.

Following Pakistan are the Indian, West Indian, English and Australian cricket teams, with major searches for Virat Kohli’s new hairstyle, Mahela Jayawardene’s broken bat during the Srilanka vs. Afghanistan match and Sanchin Tendulkar’s selfie during the India vs. South Africa match.

Apart from these popular trending teams, Afghanistan leads the search rankings amongst teams with a smaller fan following, followed by Bangladesh, Ireland and UAE cricket teams.