Lunar Eclipse to be Witnessed on 7th August

    Pakistan is going to observe its second penumbral lunar eclipse tonight, 7th August 2017. The maximum view of the eclipse will occur on 7th August, 11:20PM.

    The eclipse will start at 8:50 PM today and end at 1:50AM tomorrow 8th August 2017, according to Pakistan time.

    The first lunar eclipse of the year 2017 was visible on February 11, from 3:34PM till 7:53PM.

    The partial eclipse will be visible in Asia, Africa, Australia and some parts of Europe.

    Why do we Witness a Lunar Eclipse?

    A partial lunar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Moon passes through Earth’s umbra shadow. Depending on the type of eclipse, we can witness a dark red or rust colour, or simply a charcoal grey colour appearing on the shadowed portion of the lunar surface.

    In simple words, a Lunar eclipse is when the Earth casts its shadow on the moon.

    Upcoming Eclipses

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    Contributed By: Umaima Nadeem