LU Bakeri Nankhatai - The Traditional Taste

LU and CBL decided to expand the reach of this culturally rooted product, by providing the same traditional scrumptious taste, under the umbrella of CBL’s leading biscuit brand, Bakeri. Nan-Khattai offers consumers an alternative in plain, soft, biscuit category, keeping the same original taste and texture. The Creative agency behind the packaging for Bakeri Nankhatai is Spectrum Y & R. The concept behind the packaging was to depict Nankhatai’s rich heritage. During the last few years, CBL’s top priority has been to expand the biscuits category available to Pakistanis at an affordable price.

  • BRAND: — No Brand —
  • AGENCY: Spectrum Y&R
  • CAMPAIGN TYPE: Print Campaign
  • CATEGORY: Business