The Lux Style Awards 2015 were attended by glitterati from all over Pakistan. Celebrities came out in droves on the red carpet, dressed to the nines. While some celebs wowed us with their classy attire, others tried too hard to impress and failed. So, who was chic and who went over the top?

Here we count down the best and worst dressed celebrities at the Lux Style Awards 2015:

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Worst Dressed Celebrities

Sarwat Gilani

The actress looks like something out of ‘The Addams’ Family’. Hello, Morticia Addams!

Sarwat Gilani LSA 2015


This Weird Guy

Dressed as a Matador, this guy stole the show! Call the Fashion Police! Unfortunately, his name escapes us.

This Weird Guy 2 LSA 2015

(Source: Bizmax TV)


Moammar Rana

Rana’s desire to show us his hairless chest was fulfilled with this deep, deep neckline.

Moammar Rana LSA 2015


Nadia Hussain

Usually, one of the better-dressed celebrities, Nadia’s dress seemed rather like a corset. Her face gives away her pain. Maybe she wore the Annoying Orange to the award show? See the pictures below for comparison:

Nadia Hussain LSA 2015

annoying orange


Ali Xeeshan

Looks like Ali Xeeshan wore his bed’s comforter to the show! It wasn’t THAT cold, buddy!

Ali Xeeshan LSA 2015


Tapu Javeri

All is well until you see the fashion photographer’s black and red rose printed tie!

Tapu Javeri LSA 2015


Mohsin Ali Tawasuli

A shocking PINK printed suit, a navy BLUE shirt, topped off with a GREEN bowtie? What in the world is this guy wearing?

Mohsin 2 LSA 2015


Amna Ilyas

The Model of the Year turned up in rags?? At least, that’s what it looks like! With the A-cut skirt, messy hair and chains, she’s clearly channeling a rockstar look.

Amna Ilyas LSA 2015


Minhal Aly

We’re a lil confused… Did Minhal wear a swimsuit or a gown?

Minhal Aly 2015


Waqar Zaka

And the ‘Worst Dressed’ award goes to…

Waqar Zaka LSA 2015

(Source: PakiUM)


Best Dressed Celebrities

Ayesha Omar

Hitting all the right notes, our style diva never fails to surprise us.

Ayesha omer LSA 2015


Fawad Khan

The lady-killer looks classy in a maroon jacket.

Fawad Khan LSA 2015


Mahira Khan

We know Mahira had 2 other beautiful dresses, but nothing beats the elegance and charm of the traditional sari!

Mahira Khan LSA 2015

(Source: Mahira Khan’s Facebook Page)


Syra Yousuf

The new mommy wore a simple maroon velvet dress with side slits ala Kendall Jenner

Syra Yousuf Shehroz 2015


Amna Ilyas – Look 2

Looked priceless pulling off this black attire.

Amna Ilyas Look 2 LSA 2015


Vaneeza Ahmed

The model turned actress kept it minimal, with golden earrings and slicked back hair.

Vaneeze Ahmed LSA 2015


Cybil Chaudhry

All hail the elegance and poise!

Cybil Choudhry LSA 2015


Sadaf Kanwal

The supermodel dazzled in a strapless gown, rocking an “Audrey Hepburn” look

Sadaf Kanwal LSA 2015


Which celebrity look did you like best? Share with us in the comments below!

(All images courtesy of Movie Shoovy)

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