Unilever Pakistan has yet again failed to miss any chance of hitting the screens of masses in the festive season of Ramzan. This time, the #GermFreeRamazan activation conducted by Lifebuoy has become one of the most buzzing videos on social media.

Posted only a day ago, this digital campaign has already bagged more than 10,000 likes and 145,047 Views.

The video has a background of a very modest setting revolving around the storyline of a child whose father is a street vendor who sells samosas for a living. By installing portable basins alongside hawkers, the video inculcates hand washing habit by beautifully associating better hygiene with the brand.

Have a look at their video below:

[fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/LifebuoyPakistan/videos/866376720116749//” width=”550″/]

Small things about Ramzan such as samosa vendors and neighbourhood culture are notable elements which have not been noticed and highlighted by advertisers this year. It is a pleasant and fresh surprise to see the creation of local and relevant content on the social media forums.

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