LGs profits rise by 10 percent
By Ufaq Ashfaque


KARACHI/SEOUL, July 25th – Global electronic appliance producer LG set a new record of selling twelve million smartphones in their target markets and company revenues and profits rose up to 10.1%.

The company revealed their financial results for the second quarter this year where sales show a positive trend with business of KRW 15.23 trillion (USD 13.58 billion).

The overall distribution of each business unit for LG has shown remarkable progress and substantial performance.

Home Entertainment closed at KRW 5.5 trillion (USD 4.91 billion), Mobile Communications accounted for KRW 3.12 trillion (USD 2.78 billion).

In addition to this, Home Appliances finished at KRW 3.19 trillion (USD 2.84 billion) and Air Conditioning and Energy Solution showed earning results of KRW 1.73 trillion (USD 1.55 billion).

This trend not only narrates how actively the company has improved its product performances, but also the effectiveness of marketing tools and ad campaigns utilized by LG.

Previously, LG launched a marketing campaign known as ‘To Me, You are Perfect’.  Through this, LG managed to capture the attention of its users and create engagement for both current and potential customers.

With such performance and active participation in the industry, LG is anticipated to become a competitive brand over the years and also provide for maintaining its global position.


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