Pakistan is gearing up for the 70th Independence day on the 14th of August. the clothing retailers have released special collections, specially for the ‘Azaadi Day’ celebrations.

One such Pakistani apparel brand, Fifth Avenue released its own 14th August collections which sported the country’s flag on the clothes.

However, it was deemed highly disrespectful and created chaos when the Pakistani flag’s symbol was seen pasted on ‘pants and tights’ for women. 

The store has now called off the ‘Chaand Sitara’ collection and taken down the pictures as well after the backlash it received over social media.

The ‘Chaand Sitara’ Collection by Fifth Avenue

Realizing the brand had hurt sentiments and made a huge blunder on their part, Fifth Avenue decided to apologize to the nation through their official Facebook account.

The team sent out a message which read:

“One of our recent products did not take into account the sensitivities of our customers and we are very sorry for that. We have removed the product and recalled all units. Once again we are very sorry.”

The retailer is some what of an opportunist and has pounced on the various political situations going on in the country. They have an entire collection dedicated to the ‘Calibri font’ issue which has been lauded by the audience nationwide.

What is more, recently they released a new line based on the ‘Ayesha Gulalai’ controversy. They did not call it off but made a slight change and relaunched the line.

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