The people of Karachi are avid lovers of Chinese cuisine! The credit goes to a plethora of restaurants that have propped up at every nook and cranny in the city.

Most popular is Ginsoy and Chinese lovers of the nation throng its branches that are now spread all over Pakistan.

But now the brand has apparently encountered trouble after a new marketing strategy by that it has failed to deliver what it has proudly advertised.

The new, ‘All You Can Eat’ offer by Ginsoy was recently launched at their Lucky One outlet and as Karachites love for food knows no bounds it caught some major attention on social media.

People could not wait to try out the amazing deal in just 550 Rs.

However, the excitement was short lived when a couple of people pointed out the obvious deceptive marketing strategy.

Those who tried out this deal had nothing good to say about it and have blamed Ginsoy to have conned its loyal customers.

Naseer Khan talks about Ginsoy’s false marketing that it was not a buffet & customers fell into the cheap marketing tactic by the company.

He further advised the restaurant to rename the offer to a ‘Combo Deal’ or a ‘Special Platter’ instead of an All you can eat as it brings about a misunderstanding on what is being offered.

Food blogger, Ayesha shared her experience at Ginsoy on popular food group SWOT’s guide and she explains how the All you can eat offer is a scam!

“Availed their all-you-can-eat offer in 55ors. It wasn’t a buffet rather you could choose to eat a variety of stuff in a pre-formed plate and you’re allowed to fill in your plate in ONE go only.”

Read what Ayesha had to say about Ginsoy!

Another ‘Swottie’ talked about his not-so-memorable experience at Ginsoy.

This disgruntled customer only got half of what was advertised!

Seems like Ginsoy needs to clarify a few things quickly!

The Chinese eatery definitely needs to brush up on its marketing tactics! 

The rants against the eatery seemed to be never ending!

The eatery has not responded yet to the massive backlash it has been receiving.

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