Pakistanis love drama, not just on television but generally in real life also.

We can make a big deal out of a single blinking eye because OH LORD If the left one blinks something bad is going to happen and similarly, if one shoe lands on the other in a 45 degree angle, there’s a traveling plan coming up and for the past couple of months, if that happens to anyone in the house, it’s only about going to Australia for the ICC.


Oh look your left shoe landed on the right one like that! You’re probably winning a lottery and flying to Australia to watch the match! There’s always hope, with us there’s lots of it indeed! The cricket buzz is all around and topping it all is the Pakistan vs. India match.

T.V; international and national, Social media across both the countries and radio along with every single person in Pakistan as well as India seems to be talking about THE MATCH!

Everyone’s got his or her two cents to share about the match and about the ICC. All brands are all over the place thrashing the opponent country in not so subtle ways.

Amidst all the ‘’not so friendly’’ competition, we spotted one that’s actually trying to promote the true spirit of the game and how to have fun along the way…

We’re just as excited as you are. Stay tuned to Lays Pakistan social media to find out their take on #IndvsPak this #ICC. In the meantime, check out their video log here: