Pakistan is a God gifted nation with Plateaus in the west, greenery in the East, Sea in the South and Snow Covered Mountains in the North.

A huge part of Pakistan is still unexplored and people are unaware of the fact that this country is actually an undiscovered gem. Pakistan has certain places which are better than many foreign destinations and are much cheaper to visit.

One such place is the Kumrat Valley in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa.

This Valley is no less than the beautiful dale of Switzerland.

The view of Panjkora River flowing through the Valley gives a breath-taking sight.

The green grassland surrounded by the Rocky Mountains makes this Valley a Hidden Treasure of Pakistan.

It also has an alluring waterfall, what a breathtaking sight!

The Panjkora River is bordered by the very beautiful Fir trees.

Who would not want to visit such an amazing place?

So next time when you gear up for a holiday, pack your bags and make sure to take a tour of this heaven on earth, located within the boundaries of Pakistan.

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