What was once an open sewage spot in Karachi University has now been revamped into an appealing, artsy and airy outdoor studio. Breathing a new life to the varsity’s messy, secluded and useless spot are the creative masterminds hailing from the Visual Studies Department.

According to Dawn, 117 foundation year students belonging to Architecture, Media Studies, Islamic Arts, Textile, Graphic and Industrial design united under the assistance of their teacher Asim Mehdi Kazmi to set up the innovative study site within a short span of 22 days.

Starting from scratch, the students created four well-lit wooden cabins paired with crafty wooden seats and a swing. All was done with recycled crates and pallets with no outside labors involved in assisting students to build KU’s new attraction.

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Adorned with classy timber shelves, fairly lights and young green plants, the studio carries an aura of calm and serene setting, radiating with sheer beauty during night time.

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Even the investment was chipped in by the students, each contributing between PKR 1500-PKR 2000. The spot has been equipped with sockets to connect laptops and charge phones along with internet connection.

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The fresh,bright breezy studio has now become a happy chilling spot for all learners to hang out after classes and even do combine studies.

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Kudos to the KU students on their creative feat and redecorating an ordinary chaotic location to a brilliant work of art.