As if there was any room left on our news feed after two days of constant viewing of Komal Rizvi’s selfies with the philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Green Memes, have made some memes, which is hitting all screens of social media.

Just in case you have missed any of these memes, have a look below:


I am not all an outlier!komal rizvi meme 1

Time to go international!

komal rizvi 13

Why always take selfies with the good ones?

komal rizvi 11

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Just a way to say good luck

komal rizvi meme 2

Where there is will; there is ME!

komal rizvi meme 3

The picture is now PERFECT!

komal rizvi meme 6

I won’t disturb, I promise

komal rizvi meme 7

Most fearless!

komal rizvi meme 8

Just giving a helping hand

komal rizvi meme 9

Before the INQALAB!

komal rizvi meme 4

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