Koffie Chalet – A Restaurant Review (Menu & Food)

koffee chalet


By Arub Shaikh

With new places opening everyday, Koffie Chalet, located on the 9th Commercial lane of Zamzama, is one of the few to receive raving reviews on social media and amongst the foodies of K-town.

I decided to finally visit the place and experience what the hype was all about.

Entering the place with a couple of my friends, we realized it was a houseful.

The owner, himself, attended to us right away and after we told him we were not willing to wait, gave us his business card and told us to ring them before our next visit so they have a table booked for us.

The hospitality won us over right away. 

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koffie chalet 2


The next time we decided to try our luck again and ended up going to Koffie Chalet on a Saturday afternoon.

The staff, to begin with, was extremely welcoming and delighted to cater to its customers with the owner personally addressing whoever walked in.

The interior décor blended well with the image of the café.

The aroma of freshly prepared cuisine travelled around the ground floor, which was a bit congested with only a few tables set closely apart. The first floor, however was comparatively spacious and also had a sushi train to be working in the near future (now that’s something fancy).

Let’s get the real talk started – The Menu. When it came to the food, there was a huge variety to choose from.

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Our appetizers, the Chicken Goujons were love at first bite.

The cheese melted in the mouth, hitting all the right spots while the golden coat of crumbs around it was warm and crispy. We also ordered a Caesar Salad that was fresh and juicy but we’ve had better.

Choosing the entrée was a challenge since there were so many appealing choices.

koffie chalet 5

The owner, famous for his congeniality by now helped us decide what to order. Intending on having something light, my choice of main course was Fettucine Alfredo with chicken and garlic bread as a sideline. The sauce was thick and creamy but a bit bland for my taste buds.

The other entrées were the Double Decker steak and Olive Ala Crème Chicken.

The steak was well-done even though we requested it to be medium rare, the sauce however was delicious and blended well with the weight of meat.

Diversifying when it came to the third main course, the dish was served with rice and steamed veggies.

The sauce was spooned over the chicken and also served in a separate little bowl. The side vegetables were a bit cold and hard to chew on. But kudos for the chicken!

There was also a decent variety of drinks and dessert. Opting for the Chocolate Lasagne was probably the best decision of the night as it was something different yet delicious. Spoonsful of pure, rich chocolate-yum!

It was an overall worth trying experience with spot-on service by the assigned personnel in an affordable price range.  

Here is my verdict on Koffie Chalet

Food Quality: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Variety: 7.5/10

Pricing: 8/10

Hoping to go there again once the sushi train is on board.

Disclaimer: The views expressed below solely belong to the writer and does not necessarily imply Brandsynario opinion towards an individual or a group.