By Ufaq Ashfaque

Pakistan’s largest readymade chicken meal specialists K&N Foods launched the first MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) free chicken cubes, providing ‘safe and healthy’ chicken cubes.

K&N Foods extensively promote this factor as its unique selling proposition in their advertisements and campaigns. Through this USP, K&N’s targets customers that are health conscious and take keen interest in taking care of their family members.

The brand promises health and taste with the current line of chicken cubes which are free of preservatives and additives that would otherwise harm the consumer.

Even though there are companies in the chicken cube industry that do tend to use MSG as an important component in producing chicken cubes. These companies usually discourage its use, considering the detrimental effects that it has on human beings.

The top management of the company said that Stok chicken cubes were developed after extensive research and development.  For them, creating food items that are free of additives and harmful chemicals is the most important achievement that their brand could make.