Ker Daalo Pakistan

Keeping in line with the ICC T20 fever in Pakistan, one of the leading pop-rock bands Mirage has revealed, their ICC World T20 Cricket Cup 2014 anthem ‘Ker Daalo Pakistan’.


The band Mirage, comprising of Saad Hayat, Rehan Nazim (Lead Vocalist) and Hasan Mahmud have proudly released

The patriotic song, ‘Ker Daalo Pakistan’ ignites patriotism and loyalty among the youth of the country and aims to revive the spirits of the Pakistani cricket team ahead of the ICC World T20 Cricket Cup.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the release of their latest single, Saad, Rehan and Hasan said, “‘Ker Dalo Pakistan’ is a labour of passion which we feel represents the voice, hopes and prayers of a passionate nation who above all want their national cricket team to make them proud at the highest level of the game. Using the power of music we’ve come up with a catchy melody that truly embodies our passion for the sport and is a song that we feel will serve as a source of encouragement for our national cricket outfit, giving them the impetus to succeed and achieve greatness in the ICC World T20 Cricket Cup. As musicians, sports fans and patriotic Pakistanis we urge everyone to chime in and sing ‘Ker Dalo Pakistan’!” 

In a country where music is considered a food for soul, Mirage is regarded as one of the most talented emerging rock outfits of Pakistan,

The band founder, Saad Hayat, Hasan Mahmud and Rehan Nazim, with their unique sound and blend, unusual compositions and inspiring lyrics and a solid live act have quickly collected a large following.

Mirage’s debut video, ‘Aarzoo’, was released in February 2008 followed by their second video, ‘Jeewan’, which was released in August 2008.  And in 2011, the band released their début album ‘Aarzoo’ along with the band’s third music video, ‘Kyun Mujhse’, in association with Fire Records.

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Artist: Mirage

Song: Ker Daalo Pakistan

Composition & Lyrics: Rehan Nazim

Production & Keyboards: Saad Hayat

Guitars: Hasan Mahmud, Masood Mahmood & Sayyam Rana.

Bass Guitar: Bradley D’Souza

Backing Vocals: Saad Hayat & Tanseer Daar

Audio Production: Saad Hayat

Mixing and Mastering: Saad Hayat