Katti Batti Fails to Impress Audiences: Twitter Roundup Review

Nikhil Advani’s latest project Katti Batti, starring the reigning B-town Queen, Kangana Ranaut, and the struggling actor, Imran Khan has failed to impress the audience.

Marketed as a thriller romantic movie, Katti Batti is far from a thriller and lacks the romance too. Not only does the leading actors fail to generate sizzling chemistry but the love story in general fails miserably too.

The story revolves around heart-broken, Madhav and heartbreaker, Payal, falling in love, only to have the lady love leave the dejected man without warning in the second half of the movie. However, unlike other times, Madhav is not ready to give up and sets upon a journey to win the love of his life back.

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The script is poor, with the unfortunate Khan ready to mark another movie as a flop, and Ranaut losing her winning streak due to an underdeveloped character. Moreover, like many other Bollywood movies, Katti Batti is a mix of copied Hollywood scripts with major chunks taken from 500 Days of Summer and Love and Other Drugs.

While some have appreciated Khan’s attempt to salvage the script, others have marked the movie downright boring except for Kangana’s moving performance in the last half hour of the movie.

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