The bestselling novel, “Karachi You Are Killing Me” by Pakistani journalist Saba Imtiaz is all set to be churned into a Bollywood film.

The plot of the novel is centered on Ayesha Khan and her life’s events happening in the heart of Pakistan’s metropolis, Karachi. The book’s humor is similar to Diaries of a Social Butterfly. With a collection of tongue-in-cheek comments and a girl-in-the-city tone, the novel has steadily gained a lot of popularity as well.

The writer, Saba will be collaborating with the movie’s production team. The movie’s producers do however plan to align the script cater to a more “India-like” setting. A close source stated, “It’s tentatively called Delhi, You’re Killing Me and will be entirely set in the Old Delhi environment. The hunt for a young female actress to play Ayesha is currently on.” 

The novel depicts the life of a forward-thinking journalist living her life in the backdrop of this conventional city.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Vikram Malhotra who is the to-be-producer of the movie has commented, “I have full faith that this novel would translate into a film that will resonate with today’s audience, especially women as they will see a slice of their lives in it! Work is on in full swing on adapting the book into a film and we will finalize the cast soon.” 

Saba Imtiaz is a freelance blogger and journalist with foreign publications on a vast array of global and socio-political topics. She used to work as reporter and head of Life and Style Desk at The Express Tribune.


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