karachi weather update

Chilly Siberian winds took over Karachi the weekend and now the temperature has dropped to a record low in the metropolis

According to the News.com.pk, the coastal city is experiencing this year’s coldest day.

Karachi’s temperature was recorded at 10 degree Celsius on Monday. Pakistan Met Department (PMD) has quoted this temperature as Karachi’s lowest temperature for the year.

According to a report by Weather Updates Pk, these chilly conditions will continue for next 2-4 days and might slightly ease up from Tuesday.

On Sunday, the mercury remained at 12 degrees which have further tanked to a record low today.

Reports reveal that the city’s temperature is expected to drop further in the coming 24 hours. The chilly winds blowing from the South-western region will continue to hit the city.

On Friday, frosty winds intensified cold in the city. Earlier, Pakistan Metrological Department had predicted that Karachi will receive cold winds from Quetta and the temperature may drop as low as 9°C by December 19.

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