The weather in Karachi is predicted to drop to 8-9 degrees centigrade in the coming days.

Karachi will experience a cold wave as a result of the incoming cold Siberian breeze which has also made an impact on the weather in Quetta.

As reported by ARY News, the temperature recorded was 14 degrees centigrade on Monday morning with a slightly foggy condition.

As the weather is getting more cloudier, the met department has also predicted light rain in the city.

The weather in Karachi has been quite pleasant in the past few days. Let’s hope that we don’t experience any harsh weather conditions since it’s very rare when the temperature drops this low in Karachi.

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Although a major part of the country is expecting cold and dry weather today, few places in plain areas of Punjab, upper Sindh, and Peshawar division are predicted to have foggy conditions.

According to the National Weather Forecasting Center, Pakistan Meteorological Department, most parts of the country experienced very cold and dry weather on Sunday.

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