Rain Selfies, crunchy pakoras, delightful weather paired with power outages, flooded streets and traffic jams; that is what Monsoon showers in the City of Lights, Karachi seems to be.

The dusty city gets washed and the temperature gives Karachiites a break from the sizzling heat. Warmly welcoming the much-awaited downpour, the lucky ones enjoy a plate of piping hot samosas and hit the beach with their families. Meanwhile, the rest end up in bumper-to-bumper traffic jams or cursing K-Electric for betraying them in the pleasant climate.

Not to forget, when there is rain in Karachi, there is bound to be a rain of updates, memes and selfies on Twitter.

With  #KarachiRain as the number 1 Trend on the micro-blogging website, Twitteratis of the metropolis express their love-hate relationship for the  rainy days in the city.

Check out some of the happy and hilarious tweets by Karachiites on Monsoon Rain.

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So gear up for some more thunderstorm, rounds of shedding and misery of traffic jams. Also, don’t forget to extend a helping hand to those who might need it in this rainy season!

Click here for K-Electric’s instructions on how to stay safe during the rain.

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