Karachi Harbor: Huge Loss Reported After Fire!

Credit: Jung News

In the early morning hours, a massive fire engulfed Karachi’s Fish Harbour causing huge financial loss and luckily no injuries are reported till now.

Millions of rupees’ worth of boats, luxury yachts, and other items are brunt to ashes after the fire at Berth No. 5. According to the security guard, Nasir Burney the fire broke a local restaurant at the restaurant when a number of canisters caught fire and it spread to the boats at the docks.

The estimated amount of loss is not confirmed yet but it’s speculated in million as 9 luxury yachts were gutted in the fire. As per the sources, 12 fire trucks participated in fire extinguishing operation and it took them 5 hours to overcome the fire. A minimum number of fire tenders are speculated to be 12 and a snorkel took part in the operation to douse the blaze. Right now the process of cooling is underway.

According to the Firefighters, the fire spread rapidly because of the high-speed winds. The trucks were sent by the Navy, KMC, and KPT. Earlier in the month of May, a huge Fire broke at a godown in Gulshan and it took almost 18 hours to extinguish the fire.

The restaurant where the fire erupted has been burned down to ashes and so the surrounding area. It is speculated to be the biggest fire at Karachi’s Fish Harbor. The loss caused by this fire is in millions of rupees and gladly no casualty has been reported.


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