Karachi City of Lights Festival 2015 Announced

karachi festival

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) and I AM KARACHI are collaborating to launch the Karachi City of Lights Festival.

This festival will be a celebration of art, design, film and photography that hopes to evoke memories of the city’s yesteryears.

With the mission of reviving Karachi’s dynamism and spirit of acceptance, the festival is inviting artists, filmmakers, photographers and designers to recreate, revive and reimagine the city of Karachi.

Call for Artists

In the first step of its launch, CAP has sent out a ‘Call for Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers and Designers’. Participants are required to send their proposals in the four mentioned categories by 1st May 2015. 15 artists will be selected to create cultural spaces to explore the changing cultural landscape of Karachi within the context of the evolving visual culture of the city. These cultural spaces will be in the form of interactive cubic structures that will be displayed outdoors to create a park.

Karachi City of Lights Festival 2015

The festival will take place during the first week of June 2015. The event will showcase the work of the 15 selected artists, with work ranging from paintings to photography to film. The festival will bring to Karachi a space where visitors of all ages can learn about their dynamic city.

Each evening of the festival will also feature exciting performances revolving around Karachi’s history, culture and art.


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