Kapray Lawn Collection 2017 is an Ode to Spring!


Kapray Lawn Collection 2017 is out with elaborate floral patterns and bold vibrant colors, the collection is a true ode to spring. Mint green and teal seems to be a popular color this season followed by purples, greens and yellows. It comprises of mostly elaborate digital prints ranging from floral to symmetrical patterns, to nature-inspired themes like tangerine lines, berry rush, aqua and corals.

With the rising temperature, you are sure to look something light and comfortable to wear. The prints and the colors will be easy on the eyes when the sun is shining down and will look elegant enough for a night out! Take your pick because the collection is available in stores now.

There is something for everyone since it’s available in three sub-categories: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece.

  • Price range of single-piece: PKR 995 to PKR 1,295
  • Price range of two-piece: PKR 1,395 to PKR 2,895
  • Price range of three-piece: PKR 2,195 to PKR 2,695

View Kapray Lawn Collection 2017 here!

The collection is in stores now i.e 4th March, 2017.

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