Iftikhar Ahmed, Asma Sherazi and Azhar Abbas also quit BOL!


President and Editor-in-chief Kamran Khan has announced to leave BOL Network, after Axact Scandal. Kamran Khan is one of Pakistan’s most seasoned journalists who joined BOL after leaving GEO News’ leading show “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath”.

Kamran Khan announced his decision through his official Twitter account on May 23rd, 2015.

Kamran has also tweeted, that many other media personalities will also follow his lead – if the allegation on Axact are proven in the court of law.

This news might as well be the last nail in BOL and Axact’s coffin – as Kamran Khan was the first big media celebrity to have joined BOL. It is also worth mentioning here that BOL had publicized Kamran’s inclusion as ‘the’ biggest milestone in becoming Pakistan’s biggest media groups. Kamran was also the first journalist to be announced on BOL’s official social mediums – he was portrayed as the cornerstone of BOL’s media journey.

Do you think other media personnel will join Kamran Khan and leave BOL? Do you think the allegations on Axact are true?

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