After completing the identification process from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for the four alleged individuals who attacked Junaid Jamshed at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport last week, the police has issued a notification of their arrest; a team from Rawalpindi will leave for Karachi today to arrest the suspects who belong to Sunni Tehreek.

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According to the details, a police team led by Sub-Inspector Raja Arshad will leave for Karachi today, Monday to take the suspects under custody.


The reports also mentioned that the alleged people who attacked Junaid Jamshed were in Rawalpindi on the day of the attack to participate in Mumtaz Qadri’s Chehlum.

Earlier, as per the investigation and statement of Junaid, three men were identified as prime suspects including Shah Faisal, Irfan, and Akhtar, while the recent reports revealed Muhammad Akhtar Munshi who owns a garment factory in Karachi as the prime suspect.


The investigation officer, while revealing about their arrests mentioned that “We have the home addresses of the suspects and a police team will be sent to bring them to Rawalpindi to face charges.”

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The investigation officer also mentioned that after the arrest of the four identified accused, the police will investigate further suspects who were involved in the incident.

The investigation officer also revealed that the alleged people who attacked Junaid Jamshed claimed of being unaware that they were traveling in the same jet as Mr. Jamshed; they rather decided to attack him at the airport.

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