Watch Pakistan’s first ever interview with the fielding legend Jonty Rhodes under our newly launched section – Brandsynario Chats. 

In a one-on-one conversation with our Project Lead, Farhat Kapadia Mehboob, the Protean cricket maestro talks about his experience with PTV Sports, his views on Pakistan’s cricket team performance at World Cup 2015 and the reason behind his amazing fielding skills. 

In collaboration with PTV Sports, the Brandsynario team has captured Jonty Rhodes’ first ever online interview in Pakistan.

Commenting on the big question on Pakistan’s dismal performance in the World Cup so far, Rhodes said that the problem lies in the declining state of domestic cricket in the country. 

According to Rhodes, “You need more than one man to win a 50 over game. The key player is always backed up by other players. So far, Pakistan has lacked behind in putting a game changing performance.”

“Everybody expects Shahid Afridi to put up an explosive performance with bat or ball,” he further commented. 

Commenting on the big game between the South Africa and Pakistan on March 7th, Rhodes said, “I’m supporting South Africa not only because I’m passionate about my country but the past stats and recent performance support South Africa too.” 

Rhodes, known for his sky-dive catches and epic run outs attributes his amazing fielding skills to his multi-sportsman spirit, practice and ofcourse, the soft grass of his country South Africa. 

In his own words, “I played as a batsman; hence had a lot of time to practice fielding. My interest in playing multi-sports including Hockey, Soccer and Tennis helped in my fielding.”

As a school boy I was often recognized for my fielding because I love being out on the field. In South Africa, we play sports throughout the year on soft grass that allow us to grow up not being afraid,” he continues.

The interview reveals some interesting tidbits about Rhodes. The 45 year old player believes he is not a cricket expert but a player by instinct and hence, finds it difficult to watch cricket on TV. 

Rhodes was in Pakistan for a short trip as one of the esteemed panelists of PTV Sports’ World Cup show – Game On Hai. Busy with a tough schedule, he didn’t get the chance to go sightseeing but hopes to do so during the gaps in knockout matches. 

Don’t forget to watch the fun rapid fire session at the end of the interview to know what he thinks about Pakistani food, Urdu language and Imran Khan.